FAQ list

Do I have to have a bike license?
No, there is no minimum license or riding experience required.

Do I need insurance?
You do not need your own personal motorcycle insurance, when you sign-up you must sign a waiver and extra insurance is optional.

Can I wear my own safety gear?
You can bring your own gear as long as it meets our minimum requirements for safety, full face or MX style helmets must be Snell 2005, ECE 2205 or better. However we do provide all the proper safety gear for your use during the course session.

What type of bikes does the school use?
We provide current year Honda 150cc, 250cc and 450cc four stroke,
DTX bikes which are converted MX bikes for the purpose of flat track.

I have my motorcycle can I use it?
Yes, as long as it is it is setup for Flat Track and passes tech inspection.

What ages are eligible for the school?
Ages 14+ would be eligible for our adult courses.
Ages 4 to 13 for our youth courses.

How many participants in a course?
We can accommodate up to 15 students max. per class.

Can women take the course?
Of course, 30% of our current racers are female.

Can I reserve private dates for my group?
We offer corporate and group rates which will allow a full course session to be reserved for your company/group. Get in touch with us to either reserve or book a new date with us.

What if it is raining on my training session day?
You will receive a phone call if the training day is canceled. We will either reschedule or refund your deposit.

Do I need to pay a deposit to reserve a spot?
Yes, a $40 deposit is required. This deposit is non-refundable, unless rained out.

Can friends and family come and watch?
Yes, we encourage friends and family to come, take pictures and cheer you on.

What if I can’t make the training session?
We require a minimum of one week’s notice for cancellations and your deposit will be returned. This allows us to fill your spot with someone from our waiting list.

Where are the schools located?
There are currently the following locations for this Season’s training sessions:

…for scheduled dates and locations.

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